Tick, Tock, the clock never stops. Time is precious – Moments of the Sacred.

Moments of the sacred sign

Do I look forward to the time I have? This is an expression at times I say when I have arranged a time to meet with someone. “I look forward to seeing you” Anticipating the meeting, talking, listening, being with the person! We do have to look forward, excited about,  having a vision, or focus, or goal to achieve, to a certain degree. The past is past, the future has not come, and we don’t know what tomorrow will bring. The present time, this moment, is what we have, the now, is what we have to work with.

Do I enjoy the moments of time I have been given? Do I look forward with anticipation, with excitement, the time was given, the time we make, as a gift? We found the time, as if it got lost, we have to wait a long time, for that cherished moment and savor the time with a friend. Having arranged a tryst, to have that quality time, not driven, or task orientated, not just another chore to be done on time.

Time is Time, not time is money! We have to place value on our time, and not get irritated, when the time feels wasted, due to the fact, we had an alternative motive. My needs not being met! Those times that we feel rushed, or running out of time, may make you feel like a drill sergeant, shouting your commands. We start pushing your demands, feeling pressured and stressed, feeling that there is not enough time, to have time, rest, recreation. Where you are the busiest, this is probably a good place to begin the needed change. Pausing, asking, pondering, how can I enjoy this moment of time, as a gift that it is. I have been given time, be careful not to get too driven, organizing, get everyone ready, fixing mode. When we are in this frame of mind, the time is no longer a gift, but a commodity to be used and abused.

Where are you the busiest? This is probably a good place to begin the needed change. Pausing, asking, pondering, how can I enjoy this moment of time, as a gift, recognizing time as just this as a precious gift. I have been given time, be careful not to get too driven, organizing everyone, demanding everyone to get ready, being in the fix it mode. When we are in this frame of mind, the time is no longer a gift, but a commodity to be used and abused.


The Anam Cara Book cover

A small extract from my book that I’m working on, it is still a work in process.

“Had you asked me a year ago, I never would have thought that I’d be perfectly happy sitting in a room with an old man, listening to a clock tick on the mantle, and hearing the weather change, as the wind howled. I looked up from the book in my hands when a branch scraped the window.” pg 11.

Time, what a luxury! Time to sit and read a book, not too busy, what a luxury you may think. Possibly feeling like you have no time for yourself, being mostly in a rush. Like the rabbit in Alice in wonderland, “I’m late, I’m late for a very important date.” Not having enough time. Time stops for no man, this little phrase feels so true, not enough time in a day to get everything accomplished. We try to manage out time, and question where did the time go. We are being busy at nothing, or spending our time in pleasurable activities, in recreational activities, spending time with family around the dinner table. The time you have been given is a precious commodity, we are given moments of time, to appreciate as a gift to be used wisely. Do we give ourselves the time to re – create, allow the time to re- generate,  and re-new our lives, do we give time to the things we love?

There could be a danger, not making time for new things, stuck in the ordinary status quo of life. We make time for what we want to do, and we only do what we want to do. We make time for the things we like and love to do! Do I only do what is right in my own eyes? Not using the time I have been given wisely, we all have seven days a week and 24hrs to work with, granted we do sleep some of those hours. How to use time wisely?

“The time spent in discovering and refining our craft is not a waste of time. It is called creos time. Like kairos time creos is time of a spiritual nature, a time of probing, of discovering the nature of our gifts, of testing the potential and scope of their application, of considering the ramifications of the long haul. Creos is a time of peaks and valleys, of undulating movement that we must learn to read, just as we read the hands of a clock in Chrono’s time, creos has a different rhythm that is measured by heartbeats and soul beats that tick at their own rubato pace – sometimes fast, sometimes slow, often in unmetered rhythms until we are aesthetically and spiritually satisfied. Ignorance of creos time is injurious to our spirits.” Pg 35 Seeing in the dark: A vision of creativity and Spirituality – Beverly J. Shamana.

Redeem the time, Ephesians 5: 16. – Berean Literal Bible

15 Therefore carefully take heed how you walk, not as unwise but as wise, 16 redeeming the time because the days are evil. 17 Because of this, do not be foolish, but understand what is the Lord’s will, 18 and not to be drunk with wine in which is debauchery. Instead, be filled with the Spirit,19 speaking to each other in psalms and hymns and spiritual songs, singing and making melody in your heart to the Lord, 20 giving thanks at all times for all things in the name our Lord Jesus Christ to the God and Father.


We have to be careful that we do not treat people as if they are not worthy of giving attention, some people view people as not valuable enough to give a moment of their time. Time is a gift to be shared.

A friend who did this for me personally, I will feature at my new website.  Motivation and Inspiration, the person I’m featuring is my friend Curtis Kneblik. He has shown love, by giving of his time, by listening and being available. This can be a sacrifice, but God does want our time to be spent in some worthwhile endeavor. Let us redeem the time, making the most our appointed time, by buying back the wasted years. We are stewards of our time, let us give of our time generously, wisely, cautiously, discerningly,  and in a way that is honoring to God.

Colossians 4:5-6The Message (MSG)

5-6 Use your heads as you live and work among outsiders. Don’t miss a trick. Make the most of every opportunity. Be gracious in your speech. The goal is to bring out the best in others in a conversation, not put them down, not cut them out.


Experience sign




My Adult Coloring Book: The Journey of Coloring Pocket Size.

The Journey of Coloring

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Pocket size adult coloring book. Come and rest a while, and use the book A Journey of Coloring. Let it fill a desire for spiritual connection and belonging. Allowing the luxury of some peace in your life, and giving yourself a permitted time of refreshing. Draw near to God, experince a touch through A.R.T. I hope you experience A Restorative Touch


I have been having fun with putting together my adult coloring book.
My next book all going well is going to be focused on mandalas
 here is an example. I;m having fun with some Celtic designs



Celtic yearning!

I discovered a friend wrote the words and music for this song and every time I would hear this music I would be taken to the hills of Scotland.


A year ago this month I went to Scotland to visit family after a 5year stint of not having been to Scotland, it was wonderful. I got to catch up with family and see my younger brothers wife for the first time and they had just had their first child a week before we arrived. I also got to meet an old friend and saw all of her clan. An added bonus her sister was visiting, she was the one who wrote and arranged the song I so love, what a blessing, to sit in my friends kitchen as her sister sang the song to me live.

Celtic jouney

I have been revisiting the subject of Celtic Spirituality and have created a link to this ongoing study for any who are interested. This can me found on the right hand side of my Blob, accessed through the menu.

The subject of Celtic Spirituality has been a journey that has intrigued me for years. I did a video project for my Masters Showcase Project and I’m in the process of getting it configured for the web.


A double click on picture will take you to my latest thinking and searching. With the dream one day to lead and facilitate my own retreat to some of these Celtic Holy Sites in Scotland, and where the Holy Spirit leads.

In tracing our heritage, linage, and ancestry, it is a process of discovery, discovering where it will take you, the thrill of a destination unknown at times. Most of the time this is the case in the journey of life. We have to not be afraid in the uncertainty of the unknown. We have to view and see at times from a different perspective, taking a leap of faith and learning how to fly. We are being allowed to soar, like that eagle in the wind currents, or like the description of the Holy Spirit described as the wind. “The wind blows wherever it pleases. You hear its sound, but you cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going. So it is with everyone born of the Spirit” John 3: 8 of the bible.


At times I give a taste of my ongoing writing project, in my Blog, of Tobar’s journey and search for significance, writing is fun and daunting, but gives a good description of the unfolding of my book and writing style. I cannot tell where it comes from or where it is going, elusive like memories, never sure when something will trigger something from your memory banks. Do I want to be blown along by the Spirit, destination unknown?

The Holy Spirit allows the sacred and also the good, bad, and ugly,  to resurface. Will I, will you, allow the spiritual director, the Guide to take control of our lives, inspiring and motivating us to go on forward, bring things to our remembrance, so as to enhance our lives.

At times it is a joy, other times so painful the process of the shaping and forming of our lives, ultimately toward being better people. We also have to be patient and persistent remembering a delay is not a denial from God. And to always be remembering how far you’ve come, I’ve come, we have come. Not just focusing on how far we have still to go, but continue in hopeful perseverance.

Inspiration is the key to keep you motivated, start where you are in spirit, the connecting point that motivates and invigorates you to continue, and take that one necessary little strep. It is just getting started that creates the momentum, this applies to any area of life.

Scribble what you know in a note book, speak to a relative, start a search using the web, read a book on the subject, not many people can go to Scotland the land of my roots, for a vacation, retreat, genealogy search, to begin the spiritual or ancestral trail.

The beginning may have to be in the place of research and a little imagination. If you can find the financial means many go to the land of their origin to seek their ancestral roots because of immigration from the UK and Europe, and being scattered around the globe, resulting in descendants from long ago, and far afield.

We long to capture the spirit of our forebears or just get captivated by the Scottish heritage in my case, the culture of poetry, history, music and innovation, those who have shaped the world and our lives without us even knowing.


Scotland the brave Land of my high endeavor, land of the shinning river, land of my heart forever, Scotland the brave.

The next place I would like to visit for inspiration is the Isle of Sky, to make me feel mare (more) at hame (home) to visit bonnie (pretty) Scotland to see the Ben = mountain peaks the drizzle = that rain like mist creating that gloomy mist that can last for days, giving some folk that grumpy mood. But without it we would not have the Nevis = the mountains covered by fog, and giving us the dreik = cold damp weather condition, once it has past making us appreciate the sun so much more.

The heather covered hills where men and women from generation to generation have survived on the crofts, with the salmon filled rivers, surviving of the land, barley, wheat. Oats, potatoes and rye, also their faith, and trust in a God that will provide their needs to sustain them. Knowing that man cannot survive on bread alone but by every word from the mouth of God, the word of illumination, a word of God at every season of life, in those life stages. Thy word is a lamp unto my feet a lamp unto my life, the revelation that brought about one of the national flags the saltire or St Andrew’s flag, in a vision or dream.


God is the guide by the Holy Spirits leading, we have to always remind yourself that the Lord is our shepherd and we are the sheep of his fold. Taking comfort of the Trinity’s leading and going ahead of us each step of the way. Showing step by step, stage by stage, process and progress, we like a child, have to trust and put our hand in the Lords. To be obedient to the leading of God, for we have a limited sense of knowledge to know where we are in our life at times and to be honest are just guessing where we have to go next, destination unknown at times.

We need the Guides leading, and the Holy Spirit does at times give us inner pressure, to gently push us forward, and pushing us to our knees to get into a time of intense prayer so as to fulfill the purpose of God. Like a shepherd in the natural driving the sheep to the sheep pen and safety from harm, the Holy Spirit drives us if we are not yielding to God’s desire. Allowing to enter unrest, so we know the resulting  peace that surpasses all understanding, a witness of God when we have gone the right way forward in the right direction.

We have to give God time, to lead and guide us to receive the insight for living, by listening too, and experiencing the gentle breeze and a touch of the wind of the Holy Spirit. It’s being sensitive not to miss his moving in your life, we could miss out on so much, of what the sovereign God has planned for our life.

Take a deep breath, and breathe in the possibilities, exhale the negativity and doubts, breath in life, creativity, having a confidence that God is for you, having a confidence in your God who wants your best, desiring the best for you and me from the very beginning of time, we have to dive into the plan, being inspired, and allowing the unfolding of this mystery, a passion, becoming revelation and reality, getting caught in the breeze, blown along by the breeze of the warm spring air, caught in the moment when God gets your attention.

It’s not LAW as we know it!

Law trinity symbol

All you need is love as a Beetles song states, but I think there is more needed than just love. The extract from my book highlights this, Tobar is told the secret to Bren’s life and we will also have this knowledge revealed to us.

It’s all about overcoming the judgmental spirit, and the inner battle of wanting to help people and also not wanting to get involved, this inner conflict. Not wanting to interrupt our life routine, suspicious of people, thinking that everyone has an alterier motive, what does this person really want from me, or want to take from me.

It’s not law as we know it. Resulting in judgment for wrong doing; I have been pondering the acronym of L.A.W. Love, Acceptance, Welcome, this is what we have to aspire to become toward all peoples. Then also toward our God, that of being Loving, Accepting, and Welcoming of God in our lives as God desires this experience from our God toward us!

The Character in my book is adopted by Bren and elderly gentleman, who has a rule of life to be Loving, Accepting, and Welcoming, and I was thinking how would this look in my life, your life, the impact it could have in world.

Tobar experiences first hand the impact of L.A.W.

The Anam Cara

A Celtic Tale of Tobar’s Transformation


Mark Condy

I could see there was a something different; he lived his life not out of legalism and control, but out of love. He had strength of character that I respected, and also a patience I had never seen demonstrated before, toward me.

One day, I think two months into my stay with Bren he pulled me aside, as he usually does to share a little nugget of truth, this one however make a significant impact on me, for some reason.

“Tobar, it is time for me to share, what you have experienced by living with me, I have a rule for life.”

“I use an acronym from initials of the word LAW; I use this to remind me on a daily basis to prompt me to continually work at trying to live in, L= Love, A= Acceptance, and W= Welcome. The law of love to demonstrate the opposite of what people perceive of the word law, visualizing law as being, legalism and rules, I want to live a life that reveals the reverse of the expected of the word.”

“Bren! It makes a lot of sense, and I have seen the reality of your rule for life at work, being manifest in your life. You do demonstrate in your actions, even though you certainly have a way with words.”

Bren looks at me with a twinkle in his eye finding my comment gratifying and humorous.

“Tobar after our time together, I want you think over and ponder these words from the acronym.”

When I was on my own, thinking what Bren had shared, I realized that Bren had the actual ability to impart life. The rule for life and the ancient words of sacred text spoken and lived, had been demonstrated having changed his life forever, and would change me, if I would let them. He had imparted words of encouragement that influenced change without my knowing. He was a support, standing beside me through the tough times in school. I could see the change he had in such a short time. With Bren’s help, the baggage that I had picked up through the journey of my life, the poverty mindset, fear, guilt, doubt, was beginning to get lighter. I was shedding things from my pack of life, even in my youthful age; it was becoming easier to carry, and some of the items had gone completely with his help.

Bren would constantly talk to me about the Monarch of the Universe having the keys to life, living and listening to these ancient life-giving stories. He talked about an unseen world the spirit realm of which the Seer was to be a part off, and having the communion and union with the blessed three or the Triune One. The Three where the creators and the essence of the spirit realm, and from the spirit realm they would impart knowledge to the Seers. Bren was a Seer or had been in a role of importance, but he never revealed much to me about his past.

ice and sunrays

Let us not be cold and judgmental, but a ray of warm sunlight that touches and impacts a persons life, one at a time. Like Bren did with Tobar.

Take that small step of being L.A.W. not judgmentally laying down the law, but being Love, Acceptance, and Welcome. We are the solution.

We all want to be Loved, Accepted, Welcomed, let us do unto others as we would want done unto ourselves.

If we did this the world would be a better place.

Lets begin by taking small steps, those we can manage to take, scripture does state that we are not to despise the day of small beginnings, so let us work at what we can do!

This can be applied to you and your dreams also, what matters to you, make it matter.

Thinking you can or can’t will determine the result.

I think this was from Mary Morrissey what follows is a note from my journal:
* Plug into your greatest dream
*Define it
*Long for it
*Overcome fear                                                                                 *Get past negative thoughts
*Make a difference, and a legacy for the future

Inspiration without action is only entertainment.



Everything is about change!


The rain water trickling down the mountain, through the lush green grass, meandering, bubbling, becoming a river, and then a glint of a sparkle, as the sun catches the water just right, as the water leaps over the cliff face, and hits the rocks below, creating an effervescent effect. The water droplet joins the turbulent tributary widening as it rushes around the slalom of rocks and tree stumps. The water churning like a chocolate milkshake, taking anything in its wake.

I sit at the edge of the river, taking in the sciens before me.  Pondering as the river makes its way to the sea, where it will be embraced and welcomed, and it will become one with the ocean.

We long for that embrace, that welcome, but many times there is that churning in our stomach, that hollow ache, a nervousness. So many mixed motives, shallow promises and emotions that are an undercurrent in all of our lives. It’s a deep well a persons heart, and at times we do not know what will be drawn from its depths.

The longing for change, then the fear of change; change is one of the needed ingredients of life. We have to stop floundering, being afraid or uncertain, and second guessing ourselves, thus preventing the cycle of change. Allowing the metamorphose to take place that will result in the transformation to happen in our lives. This is an ongoing work, a resurrection, a stripping of the gave cloths. Remember we won’t be alone in the journey, as the Lord is at work. Allowing the born again, new creation process to happen in each of our lives. The Lord begins the work and is faithful to bring it to pass, to the completion, and we hope it is here on earth, but the finished work may be when we see the Lord face to face, the ultimate finale.

We punish people, I punish people, for not having done something for me, and they maybe not even aware, and it is no fault of their own. It is my selfishness surfacing, seeking for input, advice, encouragement, knowledge, and the person’s experience that has been offered but not seen; however, not asked for at times.

At times, I feel we have done people wrong and we need to seek reconciliation and allow forgiveness. We at times have felt threatened by the need for change, being overwelmed, under prepared, and frustrated because of the lack of mentorship and training. We desire help and support, and an arm of comfort put around us, in those times we feel alone and vulnerable. These are the times when we feel pressed in the corner, and see nowhere to run, this pressure squeezes out of us our true heart conditions. The true desires surface, allowing us to see the ugly and it can be a sign that help is needed.

We can get frustrated with unfulfilled longings, unmet promises, looking to our closes connections for support, and encouragement, and at times we shouldn’t places so high an expectations on these people. Then there is the pride of not asking for help due to fear, fear of rejection, becoming defensive and non-flexible. Fearful of the input that highlights or brings to the surface the weaknesses we at times try to hide. Like I, or we think, more highly of ourselves than we should, deceiving ourselves, thinking, wanting, and desiring to be a writer, is my goal. Fill in the space for your goal or aspiration. But will these dreams be encouraged, and not shattered by your friends and loved ones, for we are fragile, even more when entering the change of entering the new and unfamiliar, being vulnerable, and wondering, can I share my heart?

We need to jump in the river and see where the current takes us. Will I trust and surrender to the river and not fight against the current, but navigate around the rocks and go with the flow? We have to stop fighting, and surrender to the Holy Spirit, the Anam Cara, our soul friend, teacher, guide, and comforter. The Guide for your life, and my life, the one who knows the way, let us surrender to the flow of the river, surrender to the freedom the change will give, not to resist, but enjoy the ride, and be carried in the direction the Monarch of the Universe has for us. Trusting that they the Triune one know the way, and this is enough.

The Monarch of the Universe, the Guide, Triune one, and the term Anam Cara, are terms I use in my up and coming book. The Anam Cara and the Celtic Tale. The Story of Tobar’s Transformation.



I was inspired in September 09 to build this cairn, walking by the river, kicking stoned about, I just felt the desire to build.
I’m revisiting the Cairn for some reason inspired by a book I’m reading, Crafting Calm: Projects and Practices for Creativity and Contemplation by Maggie Oman Shannon and it touched on the subjects of the Cairn, but not enough for my inquisitive nature, that wants to know more.

I visited Scotland end of July first week of August in 2014, when visiting Scotland I saw a book highlighting three Cairns called the 3 Brethren near Selkirk I didn’t even know about.

I desire to discover further insight of the significance that a Cairn has, and begin to dive in a little deeper. The Cairn is a Gaelic word a practice of picking up a rock, and laying a rock down is the Cairn process, to contribute to the structure that has been added to by other fellow hikers. This is my interpretation of a Cairn, it has different symbolism and meaning to people, a memorial to a person, a reminder of an accomplishment or a goal to be attained, the goal to be attained was the reason for me at the time of building my Cairn.

The Bible does mention boundary stones in Deuteronomy 19:14, New International Version (NIV)
14 Do not move your neighbor’s boundary stone set up by your predecessors in the inheritance you receive in the land the Lord your God is giving you to possess.
Deuteronomy 27:17New International Version (NIV)
17 “Cursed is anyone who moves their neighbor’s boundary stone.”
Proverbs 22:28New International Version (NIV)
28 Do not move an ancient boundary stone
set up by your ancestors.
Why and what is the significance the question could be asked?

Why does the Bible state not to remove the boundary stones?

It is a mound of stones erected as a memorial or marker used as a boundary of those who have walked the path before us and is erected to catch our attention, and remind us, to not forget the significance for the placement of this visual land mark, and if we go beyond the marker we can leave the familiar places the boundaries put there for our protection. The possibility of entering danger if we stray from the Cairns that are used to preserve the land and prevent erosion if used as they are intended.
There is a love hate relationship toward Cairns, some view them as a mysterious beauty others see them as a scar on the land.

One stone at a time, but a group venture but one person contributing to the whole, without it, the Cairn would be incomplete and at times just looks like a heap of stones, unsightly. The beautifully crafted Cairns take time and patience and if a stone is taken away it could fall or make unstable. A symbol of community, some beautiful, some unsightly, we may meet people contributing to the Cairn, we may not see a soul but can see the evidence of the people who have been their and contributed to the whole, who have placed their rock as an offering.

Could the process be a symbolic act of casting of the problem you have been carrying for a number of years. A freedom experienced as a step of accomplishment and it all began with a choice of picking a stone or rock at the bottom of the hill or mountain and you ascend with a companion not human but a stone that is with you all the way.

We are all searching for that place of community and belonging and we belong as long as we are a participant in the process. This may be a one time event or an on going process of picking up and laying down, until we find that which is you contribution to the whole, and is done as often as you choose.

The Cairn is like the church we all have different reason for going and contribute at the level at which we decide. It does have a spiritual dimension and experience, that makes us participate and desire more, out of a desire to love and be loved. a labor of love.

I built a Cairn as a individual, however found it therapeutic not really done for people to view and a few weeks later was washed away when the river swelled and mingled the stones into the riverbed never to be placed together in that configuration again, together only for a season.

The Cairn has touched and made an impression on my life and may others different people, some love and some hate the Cairn, but it has its influence at a number of levels and cultures, people types and mixes that causes a bridge used by many to cross over if they desire to choose.

Is God trying to get your attention, by being brought to a place of knowing God. To remind you of God and to remember the commitments made, our landmarks or summons from the Lord because we so easily forget God. Over the year there has been choices made and the sacrifices given, as people before us have given of their lives and we at times take their commitment for granted, the ridicule or shame experienced to blaze new paths for God.