Anam Cara

St. Brigit

Anam Cara: I’m taking this in a different direction, but to the same end.

A journal is the journey of a person’s heart toward knowing their soul, to know thyself. But it is more than this, it is to know your God, and God’s plan. Can you imagine you have walked and talked with God in heaven agreeing on your role to play, and that it was recorded in your book of life? Is it possible that every moment was laid out before us before a single day had passed, we agreed on this journey together, and now it is our quest to remember, we get glimpses given by the Lord, God knows the outcome? These glimpses we record in our journal, to remember, as we can so easily forget, and forget to believe, have faith, and remind ourselves what we believe and what we are believing for!

We take confidence, in the knowledge that, we can say. You Lord go before me and follow me. You place your hand of blessing on my head, you know my thoughts, familiar with all my ways, you discern my every action, we can’t flee from the Lord. Look further into Psalm 139.

Let us trust the journey of journaling, discovering through this process, like an experience of remembering, and untangling all that we had shared, longed for. We now take to our journal, like talking to a faithful friend, always available any time of day. You can write what you are thinking, feeling, longing for, praying for, your hopes and your dreams, add them to the pages of your journal. The Journal takes to its pages everything you want to share, and this friend won’t share your deepest secrets. So, you can be free to be yourself! Make it like a process of prayer, it is a process of continual refocusing, as things do get blurred at times, and vision unclear. So, begin today, if you don’t have this practice in your life, don’t put off until tomorrow; what you can do today!


The journal is like a living Anam Cara, a constant pilgrim by your side, who you can go to and open your heart unto its pages, unraveling those mysteries, entering the labyrinthine mind, working through the twists and turns, through the changes on the path of life, you can come confidently, having a vulnerability to become more transparent, clear and focused, to live or lives to our fullness, to enter all the possibilities and our potential, to overcome our doubt and fears.

This is no substitute for having and Anam Cara, but gives content to share with your Anam Cara, your soul friend, grab your journal and begin to write all the reason we have, to believe in our God, and believe in ourselves, and believe in this world again, as we do get disillusioned and disappointed, but tomorrow bring another day of change and possibilities.

Trust God at all times, pour out your longings before God, for the Lord can help.       Psalm 62: 8



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