The Words Of Jesus

I began a practice recently of reading the words of Jesus, found in the bible highlighted in red. A Red letter Bible. These are attributed as being what Jesus taught and said, to some of the crowds, and also to his disciples.

Why start this practice, you may ask? It was out of the feeling that I had been reading a lot of books by men and women, giving their ideas, thought, persuasive talk and insights. But the teacher Jesus, who has the words of eternal life, who is the way and the truth, and the life. I had not been learning from Jesus, and focusing on his sayings and teachings. I had drifted away by listening to other people of influence.

It is obvious that Jesus is the key figure that motivates and inspires my Christian walk. But I had come to the realization, was Jesus the main influence, or was I actually following other people more?

The Jesus prayer is a good preparatory prayer

Access to God is through Jesus, the mediator between humanity and God. Also through Christ, we are made right with God. It is nothing of our doing. Even when we were in our sin, God loved us enough to have Jesus killed on a tree. God first loved us, when we were so far from God’s love because of our sin and not knowing any better. Until that day the scales fell from our eyes and we see for the first time this amazing love.

Shadow Cross

I was doing my morning devotions the other day and the shadow of the cross caught my eye. This got me to think that there is alway a shadow of the cross needing to be at the forefront of our walk with Christ, the sacrifice, the love, we at times forget the shadow of death, it is “beyond-our-comprehension reality at the heart of the universe is that God in Christ on the cross has forgiven all our sins, set us right with him, and gathered us into his righteousness. We cannot comprehend it, but we can most certainly live it – a way of life in which everything about us is and continues to be formed in the likeness of Christ.
Say this prayer as you ask God for the strength and courage to sacrifice yourself to him:
Lord, I can never replicate Jesus’ sacrifice, but just as Christ did, I too need to completely give myself to you, to allow you to shape me into the image of Christ. Help me to relinquish the illusion of control I clutch so tightly and recognize you as the true master of my life. Amen.” Day 295 A year with God Richard J. Foster and Julia L. Roller.

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