Surrender – Moment of theSacred

Moments of the sacred sign

Karen Money

I was able to hear this song for the first time through Pray as you go , a number of years ago. The words are very thought provoking and meaningful, enhanced with a haunting melody that captured my heart.

I felt it was an appropriate song for during lent to meditate upon. This was the only way I could find it, click on link and listen. I was not able to find on YouTube.


It is about yielding, to a new way of thinking, or a new practice out of the norm. Taking a step out from the usual routine, of our daily life. Trusting that God knows the way for you, knowing what you need to do, to take you to the next level in your relationship with God.

We have to ask the Holy Spirit to give us the courage to take the step out of the ordinary.

I have an inclination toward creative thinking from an  introvert point of view. I lean toward self reflection easily, and self evaluation. I have a practice of journaling my thoughts and insights from spiritual writings, and enjoy the writing process.

Flower design

I’m  easily inspired to draw designs. doodling is a therapeutic practice for me, and  within a paper folded cross, adds another element for me. I’m sharing this video and theses reflections, to possibly nudge you to try something different, to get out of your normal practices. This may help you to surrender to the creativity that I believe is in us all. To be a co-creator with God, with the help of the Holy Spirit.

Give it a try you may find it beneficial and fun.


Experience sign


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