Come on the Journey with Me!

Experience the Divine through sacred exercises, over the next few weeks there will be an invitation given, to allow any who desire an opportunity to have an encounter with God.

Beginning with the first exercise in Sacred Seeing.

Let’s take this moment to draw close to God, to have a special time set aside to be with God. This is like a tryst having an appointed time, quality time, that is made so as to be alone with the Lord. Now listen to the music selection. Close your eyes if this will help you, take a few deep breaths and listen, then watch and sing along if you know the song, listen to the words and reflect on what you are saying to the Lord through the song.

Window, seeing, looking.

Seeing: Sit or stand to look out a window, viewing and taking notice of your neighborhood. The above video is my favorite view from my home. Take a moment to take -in your surroundings and see with new eyes, take notice of the trees, animals, birds, and people at their activities. Enjoy the moment, just as I did when watching the evening come to an end.

View a photo or painting.

Look at a photo you or a friend have taken or view a painting in your home or at a gallery. View, ponder, and reflect on what you see, the symbolic meaning and what the image may be saying to you at this very moment.

If you desire more materials like this please contact me via e-mail at the following address:

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Mark's Treasury Of Celtic Christian Spirituality


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