My Latest Coloring Book



I’ve had a love of the Celtic Cross ever since I was shown how to make this cross with the folding of a sheet of paper by a friend. This has also created a fascination for further knowledge about the Celtic people. The way that their designed knot work interweaves gracefully including the symbols of their faith and belief, using animals, and biblical stories, within beautifully illuminated text, or in the high crosses seen in grave yards and at key sites throughout Europe and the U.K.

At first glance Celtic designs look so intricate and beautiful. I later discovered the complexity of the design when I try creating my own Celtic crosses. I love the process of doodling within the confinement of the paper folded cross I start designing within it and look forward to see what unfolds.

The Journey of our lives is much more like this process, more than we realize, or want to admit as we wait to see what unfolds. We are a work being shaped with the careful touch of the Creator. This is a joint work of The Triune One, the three have begun a good work in us and are faithfully shaping and molding us into the vessel that has been discussed and envisioned before the beginning of time.

I like to believe and imagine that I walked side by side with God, before I was a twinkle in my mother’s eye. God and I looked together at all the possible outcomes of my life, and out of all the possibilities, choose one that we both desire and delight in together.

Version 2

It is a heart issue, and the embracing of the Trinity, plus allowing the unfolding of the the desire and purposed role, this becoming our delight, fulfilling our destiny.


Here is a sample of the content of the coloring book.



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