My New Celtic Christian Spirituality Website. By Mark Condy.


Mark’s Treasury Of Celtic Christian Spirituality

My Journey of discovery: For years I have been interested in Celtic Christian Spirituality and have collected sites of interest, books I would like to read, and places I would like to visit. This has brought so much satisfaction, inspiration, and pleasure, I want to share it with any who would be interested, passing it on to those who may be intersted and spread the wealth.

The Jewels of Celtic Spirituality: I have done all the hard work, looking for sites of interest and quality, highlighting the people who I believe are experts in this field, and I will continue to add to this on a monthly basis. If you have suggestions please don’t hesitate by contacting me with your input and advice.

Mark’s Celtic Journey Video: For your viewing pleasure, is my senior showcase project from the school that I graduated, this was my final project for my studies. This is my novice entry into Celtic Christian Spirituality, but I was pleased with the final outcome.

Get to Know Me: In the Know Me section of the website, this gives a background of who I am and also a second video. This is demonstrating  how to fold paper to make a Celtic Cross. This has given me so much pleasure using as a tool to relax, doodling within the shape of the cross, becoming your canvas if you choose to do this for creativity and inspiration.

There is also information to be found on the subject of Pilgrimage, Children and Celtic Christian Spirituality, Retreats, and a monthly Blog.

Come and see the riches of Celtic Christian Spirituality and you will be amazed at the treasures that can be found.

Peace and Thanks

Mark Condy


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