Shoes that need feet


Because we all can make a difference! This is the write up I wrote last year about the fundraiser. We are doing it again this year. Please help us make a difference.

There are a number of kids who have dreams in America and in the U.K. and other affluent nations and are pressing on toward attaining them. There are kids with dreams in Africa, India, Mexico, and many other deprived countries who have a desire to better themselves and get out of poverty. A pair of shoes can make a difference.

You may think what can a pair of shoes do to help?
This can make a difference between getting an education or not! Kids with no shoes can’t enter the school system that is offered and receive the needed education to better their prospects, no education no hope for a better future. Thus trapped in a vicious cycle, and forced to beg or scrape an existence from garbage heaps to survive.

Because International. I like their company name because we can all make a difference if we make a choice to help. Give today, don’t put off what you can do today until tomorrow, because we can give a little, to make a huge impact in a child’s life.

We do take for granted the very simple need of a pair of shoes. We have numerous pairs in our closets. There are children in the world who have none, these shoes #theshoethatgrows last the child for five years. WOW, imagine what can be learned, can be experienced being allowed to participate in school, because of a pair of shoes; liberated and freed to be children, to have fun, to be free from disease that comes from walking barefoot. But more than this, filled with a hope for a better future, every kid deserves a chance, because of a little help from you and me.

Peace and Love, Mark Condy.



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