Who is in control?

“You have made known to me the path of life; you fill me with joy in your presence.” Acts 2:28b.


Leather Coracle. photo from boatsdepot.com

It is not for us to know the path for our life, it is being open to the Lord, who makes known the path of life, that which brings life to you and to me. We are all unique and the Lord knows this, and has a unique call on each of our lives.

We are then filled with joy when we are in the Lords presence, in the present moment of that which the Lord has placed us in, growing where the Lord has placed us.

It’s all about letting God lead. Isn’t the leader the one who is in control?

why do we always want to take back control?

The need to feel in control, and not out of control, as the feeling of being out of control makes us feel vulnerable.

The following song made me think of the Celts and a coracle.

This website gives more insight about a Coracle, thought it was a good site. http://inthecoracle.org/about/the-name-coracle/

That feeling of being adrift, having been set out to sea, and at the mercy of the ocean currents, but more than this at the mercy of the Lord who is bigger than the ocean. Trusting that this flimsy vessel will be lead by the God of the Universe. We go in faith trusting the leading of the Trinity, we are invited into community with the triune one and we are just along for the ride.

The saints of old did likewise went along for the ride, trusting they will land where the Lord desires then be. To then start a community where they got washed ashore. With next to nothing, they trusted the Lord for all that they needed, believing that the Lord would not leave them without support.

oo – OO – oo

Let us go and explore a little more of Tobars Journey. I remembered a Coracle was mentioned in passing by Issidore as he was teaching Tobar.  Here is a little extract from Chapter 6, for your enjoyment, don’t hesitate to share any advice as I’m still in the editing stage of my book.


The Anam Cara

A Celtic Tale of Tobar’s Transformation


Mark Condy

We started walking away from the cave of Adullam, in the direction of some cliffs that could be seen in the distance. I followed Issidore just trusting he knew the way. Then I thought, how does he know the way, how many people come to this remote island to visit the Wise Man of Naofa-Olean. This cross I’m holding in my hand is an indication that people do come to this place.

“Tobar!” You are lost in your thoughts! I looked up at Issidore who had broken into my thoughts.

“I was just pondering this place the Silent land, who comes here, is it visited frequently?

“What is the story of the Wise Man of Naofa-Olean?”

“Why did I find this cross?”

Issidore began to tell the tale from the very beginning from Brendani Brennus with his genealogy or family line all the ties and links to the Wise Man of Naofa- Olean. This island was found by his great, great, grandfather drifting onto the island by stepping into a coracle with no paddles, pushing off and letting the vessel take him to wherever the Guide would take him, believing the destination would be the choice of the Monarch of the Universe. From generation to generation the location was shared with kin or friend. As we were walking and talking, we suddenly came to a cliff edge that was a gradual drop, this was strange to me, I didn’t realize we were high up, and now we were descending into the valley, the cliff face had natural steps making it easy to climb down. In the distance I could see a stream and a waterfall. Issidore and I didn’t take long to reach the bottom of the cliff face. At the bottom looking back, it looked like it had been quite a climb, but the descent was not that bad.

Issidore gestured to the stream, “let’s get that cross washed off and have a drink from the waterfall.”

“I will continue with the story about this island, it’s all about pursuing the Monarch of the Universe and the path of holiness. Brendani Brennus chose to take this path; this has resulted in him becoming the Wise Man of Naofa-olean. It is a choice and a calling that had been place on his life by the Universe holder. Through his kin and friends you are starting to learn to become a Seer and an Anam Cara. Bren your friend is next in line to inherit the life of silence, solitude and surrender, to walk the path of holiness. The Monarch of the Universe, has made that request of Bren, we all have to wrestle with this choice, that the Monarch of the Universe invited us to be holy as the Universe holder is holy; Bren is not ready to surrender to this way of life. It is a sacred and sacrificial life; with only the Guides help can Bren take that next step to tread the path of holiness.



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