My Son’s are Gaining Life Experiences!

IMGP4833 IMGP4835 IMGP4838

I took my son’s to a Labyrinth the other day and it was like an experement for me.
What I found interesting, was that I was leading, Andrew followed Me, and Prescot follwed his brother. After a while Andrew began to complain, saying “this is taking a long time”, taking another loop of the Labyrinth, he would say, ‘we have been here before!” Prescot then started to repeat what his brother was communicating. We reached the center of the Labyrinth and they where pleased they had reached the destination. I then told them to go ahead of me run out of the Labyrinth as quickly as they could. Andrew shot of with excitement about the new challenge, Prescot followed and after a while, he didn’t have his brother  to follow, began to get lost in the Labyrinth path, not knowing which way to go, and eventually left the path and caught up with his brother.

I thought what a lot of paralells with our lives as adults, we start to grumble, with our spiritual walk, it is taking a lot longer than we anticipated, we need a good leader, but the leader could be a good or bad example, Andrew is a very good example for Prescot, most the time, but he shot off ahead, leaving Prescot, in the excitement of being allowed to go out on his own. Prescot, idolizes his brother, and aspires to be like big brother, and follows his example and lead. We need help in the twist and turns of life! We also need a good model, or someone to look up too!

Is it our experiences that make us who we are?

The experiences that help us grow?

How do we flourish?

Is it my job as a parent to help my children have experiences so as to help them shape their lives? To give them a storehouse from which to draw from, to enable then, or resource them, from which to choose from, or draw from in life’s demands and decisions. Having a source of experience to draw our off. If they don’t have these resources to pull from, will they have a good foundation or soil to grow and flourish? Is it the life experiences that we build our lives upon? If we don’t have these lasting experiences, is there a lack, not having the data in a sence to use, thus the opposite can result, of fear and withdrawal, and no want to engage with life?

My family has had a number of experiences this week, and here are a few, through a photo journey, they are creating life experiences.

Andrew Into to Hockey

IMGP4773 IMGP4800 IMGP4801

Celtic Festival

IMGP4854 IMGP4861 IMGP4863 IMGP4869 IMGP4877 IMGP4881 IMGP4885



Dayton Dragons

IMGP4248 IMGP4247 IMGP4249IMGP4811IMGP4250IMGP4810IMGP4809IMGP4815

Prescot learning to ride a bike, and Andrew onto a newer bike

IMGP4886 IMGP4889

IMGP4891 IMGP4894

It is fun to see the growth and experiences my boys are having and to be part of their lives. It is wonderful and a privilege, and rewarding but frustrating at times, as they can press buttons of the areas that God need me to change. They can bring out the best and worst in you. But I can only be thankful for grace and forgiveness, to try to do the best I can,  hoping to do that which is good for these gifts given by God. The Lord uses many things, experiences to shape and mold the heart, this is the process of faith training. In their life and my own.

My boys are used by God to shape and make me into the man God would have me to be. Seeing them grow, how am I growing?

These thought all began with a simple statement for my latest book. I’m putting my novel on hold for a moment and felt inspired to make a coloring book for adults. This is one of the design to color, and a thought that accompanies the design.

SCAN0049 - Version 2

Grow where the Lord has placed you.

G.R.O.W.   A friend a number of years ago gave me this acronym to use to monitor personal growth. Questioning the place you are at in life?

Do you have a Goal, is it Reasonable, what are the Obstacles, What will you do, to press on forward, to overcome the obstacles and achieve the goal? To GROW! To become the best version of myself! Growth cultivating the person Iam toward the person I ought to be.

My goal as a father taken from Ephesians 6:4 “Fathers, don’t exasperate your children by coming down hard on them. Take them by the hand and lead them in the way of the Master.” The Message Bible.

“What we plant in the soil of contemplation, we shall reap in the harvest of action.” Meister Eckhart

“If your not satisfied with what God chooses for you, what else can please you?”  Jean – Pierre De Caussade,

We have to remember life is temporal and nothing is permanently present and continues, there has to be room for change, growth, new possibilities, new responsabilities, it is a process of change and different stages, growing pains, life is a fleeting moment, blink and you might miss it, so be happy and live to out grow this world; a room which we are in for a moment. Preparing us for the next room in our mansion in heaven. So make the most of the moments we have, life is valid, beautiful, but fleeting.

I have to remind myself that I’m in spiritual formation with my children, children are co-pilgrims in this, our life with God. The thought from Conversations Magazine volume 12.2 p66.


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