It’s not LAW as we know it!

Law trinity symbol

All you need is love as a Beetles song states, but I think there is more needed than just love. The extract from my book highlights this, Tobar is told the secret to Bren’s life and we will also have this knowledge revealed to us.

It’s all about overcoming the judgmental spirit, and the inner battle of wanting to help people and also not wanting to get involved, this inner conflict. Not wanting to interrupt our life routine, suspicious of people, thinking that everyone has an alterier motive, what does this person really want from me, or want to take from me.

It’s not law as we know it. Resulting in judgment for wrong doing; I have been pondering the acronym of L.A.W. Love, Acceptance, Welcome, this is what we have to aspire to become toward all peoples. Then also toward our God, that of being Loving, Accepting, and Welcoming of God in our lives as God desires this experience from our God toward us!

The Character in my book is adopted by Bren and elderly gentleman, who has a rule of life to be Loving, Accepting, and Welcoming, and I was thinking how would this look in my life, your life, the impact it could have in world.

Tobar experiences first hand the impact of L.A.W.

The Anam Cara

A Celtic Tale of Tobar’s Transformation


Mark Condy

I could see there was a something different; he lived his life not out of legalism and control, but out of love. He had strength of character that I respected, and also a patience I had never seen demonstrated before, toward me.

One day, I think two months into my stay with Bren he pulled me aside, as he usually does to share a little nugget of truth, this one however make a significant impact on me, for some reason.

“Tobar, it is time for me to share, what you have experienced by living with me, I have a rule for life.”

“I use an acronym from initials of the word LAW; I use this to remind me on a daily basis to prompt me to continually work at trying to live in, L= Love, A= Acceptance, and W= Welcome. The law of love to demonstrate the opposite of what people perceive of the word law, visualizing law as being, legalism and rules, I want to live a life that reveals the reverse of the expected of the word.”

“Bren! It makes a lot of sense, and I have seen the reality of your rule for life at work, being manifest in your life. You do demonstrate in your actions, even though you certainly have a way with words.”

Bren looks at me with a twinkle in his eye finding my comment gratifying and humorous.

“Tobar after our time together, I want you think over and ponder these words from the acronym.”

When I was on my own, thinking what Bren had shared, I realized that Bren had the actual ability to impart life. The rule for life and the ancient words of sacred text spoken and lived, had been demonstrated having changed his life forever, and would change me, if I would let them. He had imparted words of encouragement that influenced change without my knowing. He was a support, standing beside me through the tough times in school. I could see the change he had in such a short time. With Bren’s help, the baggage that I had picked up through the journey of my life, the poverty mindset, fear, guilt, doubt, was beginning to get lighter. I was shedding things from my pack of life, even in my youthful age; it was becoming easier to carry, and some of the items had gone completely with his help.

Bren would constantly talk to me about the Monarch of the Universe having the keys to life, living and listening to these ancient life-giving stories. He talked about an unseen world the spirit realm of which the Seer was to be a part off, and having the communion and union with the blessed three or the Triune One. The Three where the creators and the essence of the spirit realm, and from the spirit realm they would impart knowledge to the Seers. Bren was a Seer or had been in a role of importance, but he never revealed much to me about his past.

ice and sunrays

Let us not be cold and judgmental, but a ray of warm sunlight that touches and impacts a persons life, one at a time. Like Bren did with Tobar.

Take that small step of being L.A.W. not judgmentally laying down the law, but being Love, Acceptance, and Welcome. We are the solution.

We all want to be Loved, Accepted, Welcomed, let us do unto others as we would want done unto ourselves.

If we did this the world would be a better place.

Lets begin by taking small steps, those we can manage to take, scripture does state that we are not to despise the day of small beginnings, so let us work at what we can do!

This can be applied to you and your dreams also, what matters to you, make it matter.

Thinking you can or can’t will determine the result.

I think this was from Mary Morrissey what follows is a note from my journal:
* Plug into your greatest dream
*Define it
*Long for it
*Overcome fear                                                                                 *Get past negative thoughts
*Make a difference, and a legacy for the future

Inspiration without action is only entertainment.

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