The creative handy work of the Lord

My family was on vacation this week and we went to Hocking Hills State Park in Ohio and had a wonderful time in-between the downpours of rain.IMGP4323I found it good to be with my family, and we were surrounded by the beauty of nature, and enjoyed what God saw as good, the creation and glory of God.

The Lord’s creative handiwork was breath taking and awe inspiring and so calming and peaceful.









IMGP4625“The great Irish teacher John Scotus Eriugena taught that God speaks to us through two books. One is the little book, he says, the book of scripture, physically little. The other is the big book, the book of creation, vast as the Universe.” From a book I’m reading at present Christ of the Celts By J. Philip Newell, p 50.

In Celtic Spirituality there is a “practice of listening for the living Word of God in nature as well as in scripture. This was the conviction of the ninth century philosopher John Scotus Eriugena, perhaps the greatest teacher the Celtic brand of the church ever produced. His name, a complicated one to the modern ear, simply means ‘John the Irishman from Ireland’ . Eriugena taught that Christ moves among us in two shoes, as it were, one shoe being that of creation, the other that of scripture, and stressed the need to be as alert and attentive to Christ moving among us in creation as we are to the voice of Christ in scripture.” Listening for the Heartbeat of God A Celtic Spirituality By Philip Newell, p34.

“To know the creator, we need only look at the things he has created. The way to learn about God, Eriugena believed, is through the letters of Scripture and through the species of creation. He urges us to listen to these expressions of God and to conceive of their meaning in our soul.” Listening for the Heartbeat of God A Celtic Spirituality By Philip Newell, p35.


I didn’t read a lot the week I was gone for my vacation and this was a blessing, as my soul was longing to be in creation away from my thinking and pondering and just rest in God, and enjoy the moment, not just pouring in knowledge or information, or searching for the illusive answer to life. The above photo is a stack of books that interest me from the library, will I ever read them all? No, that is why we have to trust the the leading of the Holy Spirit to teach and guide us into the perfect will of God.


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