The letter D begins many a word for direction!


I have many friends who I’m praying for at present, their dreams have become disappointments, debts have become dread. Their longings have pressed them into a corner, feeling trapped with nowhere to turn, with doubt and despair as their companions, at times even longing for death. They are disillusioned with a life that feels full of dead ends.

The discoverer in some of my friends has dried up, having lost the dream, steps once taken in faith, have now become a dreaded dreary day, the head drooping, feet dragging, dust kicked up with each weary step, as if in a dry desolate desert. Life feels like this when we are at a crossroad in life, and have lost our childlike wonder, where everything is an adventure!

The once trail blazer, now no destination in sight, full of disappointment that needs to be displaced with desire; dreaming of doors opening wide and opportunities in sight. The new dawn, that brings a new day, anticipating all that the Lord is desiring to do, that will draw us into all we desire, and all God desires. The Lord’s heartbeat that causes delight, is to build the people and the church of God’s dreams.

The devil on our back, a dead weight like a dumbbell, debris dug through that needs delivered to the deliverer, who is Jesus. Jesus knows disappointment, and knows every persons doubts and double mindedness, asking for belief and trust in the midst of faithlessness. For he remains faithful.

Jesus, he does not delight in doctrines of demons and finds detestable the deception of falsehood. Jesus does desire freedom for his friends, to debilitate disillusionment by demons. Those negative self thoughts or the supernatural angels of darkness, one or the other. Those things that are churned up, and being dredging up, dirt from the dregs of the past, used to disable his saints. This is the delight of the minions of evil and the desire of a deceiver and destroyer, to fill our lives with dis-ease, or disease, making us sick and disbelieving, and it makes us drop to our knees.

Delighting yourself in the Lord,  welcomes and directs the focus back on the Lord, giving opportunity and hope to resurface and bring us to a place to discus with the Lord our issue, opening dialog to talk, giving an invitation to question why are you downcast oh my soul?

The body may be longing for a change in Direction, and here is a change in direction of thought:

The Butterfly can flutter away on the wind current, it is delicate, remember be gentle or it can be crushed, if trying to capture it by the hand, in good intention. Our lives are just as delicate, blown along with the issues of life, it is finding that balance and not crushing potential, or encouraged in a direction by good intention, but the question needs to be asked, does this match our soul makeup and dreams. It is being sensitive to catch the right wind current and begin to soar. To be blown along by the Holy Spirit!

My sons where arguing over a leaf and the older morning, one was holding onto the leaf and the younger one pulled at the leaf and it ripped and destroyed the delicate leaf, to the disappointment to the older son. The leaf was no longer beautiful. This was one of the very reasons my sons liked the leaf, it was amazing to look at, it was just coming out of the bud stage. The leaf was unfurling from its folded intricacy, much like how a paper fan is folded.

I thought that my older son could have gotten the leaf back if he had let it go, his younger brother just wanted to see what was of interest to him. We have to at times,  simply and with difficulty, we just need to let go of what we are holding onto, to let what we are holding onto free. let it go and if it is for us, God will allow it to come back to us.

Like the butterfly it had to be set free and not held onto, it is created to soar. Like us, when we let go and let God have control, we will enter into our full potential. The hardest part is the patience to wait in those difficult times, when the road is hard and dusty, a desert of barren wasteland, and the destination does not look to be coming into sight. We have to remember that it was the Holy Spirit who led Jesus into the wilderness for the test and it was preparation for the launch of the ministry the Lord had for Jesus to fulfill.



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  1. This is a lovely post, with much to ponder over and lots of insight. I was sad to hear of the struggles and despair that some folk you know are experiencing. Their lives have lost all meaning. No more wonder, no more miracles, no more child like amazement of life!

    With trust in The Lord, no judgement of others, and being open to the changes that come along to let the potential of the Cosmos direct us, anything is possible…even miracles!

    I loved the story of your two sons and the leaf…and the whole analogy of having to let go. We have to put the things down that are a burden to us, that stop us growing into the people we are meant to be…true to ourselves! Thanks for your thoughtful insight, I enjoyed reading it…


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