Hedgehog remembered.


My latest Hedgehog, given to me by my family. My son took the photo for me.

One moon lit night; there was a time many moons ago. I would walk a path at the same time each night, going home for the evening after visiting a friend.
There was a crossroads and when it intersected, I would meet another walking in the evening, it was a Hedgehog. We would cross paths as regular as clockwork.

Next to our path was a well-travelled road with mechanical beasts on it, and it disturbed the quiet of the cool still night. The mechanical beasts they went very fast, not the speed of my walking, or my prickly friend.

I met my prickly friend often on our scheduled reunion our traveling coincided, allowing us to meet at the same time every night. I looked forward to meeting and greet my fellow traveller.

Then one evening we didn’t meet, and I wondered if Hedgehog was ok, and my fears where answered, sadly I found my little friend at the side of our path, having been hit by a mechanical beast, my prickly friend lay there dead at the side of the road.

My heart disappointed and sad, the loss overwhelming, tears run down my cheek, my faithful friend was gone. When I pass that way now I’m reminded of my friend, who I would have encountered as we walked the evening going to our homes.


A friend gave the Hedgehog in the picture that I was holding last week, after I told the story. I mentioned this in my last reflection and brought another sad moment. The Hedgehog that I could hold in my hand a moment ago was in pieces on the floor. I knocked it flying as I was stretching to get a book. The ornament as if going through the air, as if in slow motion. And I saw it shatter into a number of pieces. The loss welled up within me, and tears surface from a source I was not even aware still remain as if dormant, waiting for the right time to surface. I reason with myself, saying it is only an ornament, its not living! But it was given by a friend as a loving gesture of the memory of my prickly friend, the one who I would meet as I walked home in the evening. The encounter was a precious moment for me, that I recall whenever I see a hedgehog.

I shared the story once again just this week; I see an ornament in a store, and share the story with the shop owner, leaving a lasting impression. My wife and sons went back the next day and purchased that Hedgehog and gave the ornament to me as a surprise, the person I shared the story with in the shop remembered.

I glued the previous hedgehog together, but there are cracks that remind me of Hedgehog being dropped. We have scars in our lives, the Hedgehog looks whole, like we look whole, but there is still evidence of the damage. Reminding us that God is the one who can bring total restoration.

The shattered pieces of the Hedgehog represent for me all the shattered dreams we have an carry, we think we have dealt with and fully healed, then all of a sudden resurface, it may not be as painful but a echo of it comes back at a later time. The Lord is at work in each one of us to refashion us. We are not aware of the wounds people carry and the pain we inflict on one another, and the pain we inflict on ourselves. There comes a point in our lives, we have to stop dwelling on the pain, the hurt, the wounds, and those who have wounded us and apply the healing balm of the Lord. By beginning to hope again, to believe, and trust, that faith, hope, and love, remain and is enough.

There is a prayer I pray most mornings from Schoenstatt Movement and this prayer may be what you need at this time, pray this today as a surrendering prayer, a releasing prayer, and may it be a healing prayer.

You know the way for me, You know the time.

In Your hands I trustingly place mine,

Your way is perfect, born of perfect love,

You know the way fro me, that is enough.

Do I believe, do you believe that God is enough?



  1. Another beautifully told story and I was saddened to hear of the cracked Hedgehog…but you have a lovely, loving family who stepped in after being aware of your suffering. A poignant tale and yes we all have experienced the damage this world heaps upon us…knowingly and unwittingly…through grace and blessed assurance our soul’s damage can be slowly repaired…if we are open and accepting of God’s intervention in our lives. Blessings.


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