Relax by doodling (Zen Tangle) or Cross Untangle as I would call my process


The Celtic Cross has fascinated me for years, having a link with my Scottish roots.

The Celtic Cross has a lot of symbolism, and I would like to share some of its rich meaning.  I have been told that the circle has its origin from the sun rising behind a plain cross, reminding us of Christ who has risen. The circle is a visual aid to remind us of the eternal on going never ending love, like the wedding band. The circle a reminder of the crown of thorns, and the circle of the sheepfold, in Scotland they are built of stone in a circle, reminding us we are the sheep under the Lords care, protected in the sheepfold.

I found the following website giving an excellent overview of the Celtic Cross.

Found another site on Celtic Spirituality giving a good short overview.

A close friend introduced me to the Celtic cross, she was a missionary and taught me how to fold paper in such a way, that when it was cut and unfolded it gave the shape of a Celtic cross. This link demonstrates how to do this, by my fair hand.

Each cross is hand folded and cut to form the shape of a Celtic cross. I then draw in the provided space, which becomes a meditative reflective practice for me, that allows me to relax and center myself on God.

celtic cross desigs

My doodling which I have done for years has a very therapeutic effect on me, calming and causing me to relax. I find out from my son this practice has a name. He came home from school one day fascinated by this, having been introduced to Zen Tangle by his teacher, who uses this practice to allow the kids in the class to unwind from intense focused times.

Celtic cross design

These are some of the older crosses I had worked on, I do go back fourth from doing this spiritual practice, and this is a time that I’m revisiting and desiring to share this creative craft which is good for all ages.

Here is another link, just having fun and trying to encourage your creative flair, check it out.

Do hope you will give it a try, and enjoy amazing your friends with this creative paper cross, or relax, doing a Cross Untangle. Here is one I did a number of months ago. The relaxing process of unwinding from the stress of life with the use of a pen and a sheet of paper.



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  1. Hi I am very much enjoying your writing and your posts are sensitive, deep, spiritual and I see you are a fellow Pilgrim on the journey. I loved this post about The Celtic Cross and I too have always been fascinated in all Celtic symbolism. Currently I am an organist at An Episcopal church in Southern Scotland…once historically…the Celtic Church.

    I also loved your post about the Hedgehog…so very moving. Indeed life is about choices, being wise to choose what is naturally right for us at this moment…choosing with Love and through Love, as Jesus’ message was…so clear and so simple, but how difficult to follow when so many folk are following an agenda of satisfying their egos…? It is so helpful and wise to keep Good Company…of kindred spirit. The other kind can drain emotionally and you know you are not being true to yourself.

    I will catch more of your lovely blog later. Out and about right now. You say you have Scottish roots. Where abouts?

    Peace, Joy and Blessings.


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