A new pair of shoes!


Skip, skip, jump, jump, walk, pause and stand. Then 1 two 3, 1 two 3, ouch, shuffle, shuffle, pound, pound, ache, ache.

Feet they go with you wherever you go, young and old, giving no complaint, making their presence known, on occasion.

They take you where you want to go, or need to go, and  they don’t get a lot of a choice in the mater, being so unassuming. They are amazing, if you stop to ponder, we do take them for granted! Feet allow you to stand, jump, run, skip, dance, give you balance, and at the end of a busy day each foot likes to be set free from the confining shoe.

How beautiful  are the feet of those who preach good news! I don’t know about all preachers feet, but God would know of their beauty?

Why a reflection on feet and shoes, you may ask? The occasion has come and one of my feet is complaining with a twinge of pain, in my left foot, now for a few weeks , and I don’t see myself having much of a skip and jump in my steps at the end of the day.

It dawned on me that I might need a new pair of shoes. The photo above shows some of my shoes, all relatively old, and the brown ones are my favorites and the leather is cracking, and I just bought new laces for them, hoping for some more years.

I begrudgingly think about buying new shoes, as they are expensive and my present shoes look good to me, apart from the cracks!

With my feet personally, shoes look good on the outside, but all the spring and support gets been pounded out of each shoe, giving no support resulting in the foot pain I’m experiencing, this is my diagnosis.

We as people tend to look at the outward appearance, it looks good, or we can put on an appearance that all is well.

The Lord knows the inward condition and looks at the heart. God wants to renew us when life pounds out the joy, but we are reluctant, like me with buying new shoes, want to put it off. Not wanting the new or to try the necessary change, that will ultimately result in  a new bounce in our step.

A new pair of training shoes gives me motivation to run, (when they are new, I have to add). They feel like you are walking on air,  giving a spring in my step, but eventually they get deflated, dirty, and lack their luster, with use they get worn out.

Are our spiritual practices a little like this, we know we need to pick up a new spiritual discipline, change things up a little,  try something new, even pick up a new practice for a season. With use our current practices may have gotten deflated and lack luster. Could adding a new discipline,  be the needed ingredient, that will add a little spice and put a spring back in our step again, giving a new focus. This will ultimately cause growth and to aid in our everyday journey, and it is a continuing daily process, we need put on a new pair of training shoes, because we are constantly in training, and new things are revealed.

In every step of life that is worth taking, we will feel uncomfortable, challenged, fearful, but this is encouraging, for God is about to do something new, to restore and help you and I, enter a new season, and we will be able to see the progress we have actually made. We will see that Jesus had been with us with each step we had taken.

A song came to mind:

He walked where I walked
He stood where I stand
He felt what I feel
He understands
He knows my frailty
Shared my humanity
Tempted in every way
Yet without sin

God with us
So close to us
God with us Emmanuel

One of a hated race
Stung by the prejudice
Suffering injustice
Yet he forgives
Wept for my wasted years
Paid for my wickedness
He died in my place
That I might live


God With Us lyrics © MUSIC SERVICES, INC.

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