I went recently to a  seminar on Social Media and its use for writers, not having a lot of understanding on the subject I thought it would be of interest.

The word Algorithm was mentioned, not knowing a lot about this asked the presenter to give further insight. From what was shared this is my basic understanding of an algorithm. It is a computer program that crunches numbers to access and bring to the surface those items of interest you have looked at and have found of interest. There has been some issues with regard to the Facebook Algorithm, and some people are not happy, as it chooses what it thinks are your interests and likes bringing these things to your attention to keep you engaged. However, pushing away those other friends and organizations of interest, giving the impression that they are no longer active on Facebook. Some further insight given on the following link, which  I found of interest.

This subject got me to thinking that our brains are like a super computer that has built in Algorithms, that draws or attracts to itself those things of interest to us, the more we focus on and remain actively engage with these recognized interest. We attract to our self what we need, propelling us forward to engage in a vision or goal we have placed with in the mind. If we entertain a thought long enough it will eventually materialize propelling us forward, giving momentum to a point that an action step has to be taken. The Algorithm directs to us that which it thinks we personally like, and need, are interested in, all determined by the amount of time we spent on a given interest. This is all determined by the data that has been continually gathered, thus adding further input and data, resulting in a positive or negative result. The negative viewing, e.g. Pornography, fills with unhelpful images viewed, bringing to the point of temptation and addiction, and can poison  the system becoming a virus, that can cause damage, or even destroy, corrupting the system resulting in the need of repairs and patches, but at times cannot be fully restored.

A book I’m reading at present; Success is not an accident, By Tommy Newberry. Talks about goal setting, the settings have to be put in place, or the Algorithm has nothing to work with, the thoughts that we input into our mind, is the input the mind has to work with, the result is only as good as the input put into the super computer. What we envision, or have as our goal we have to be passionate about and engaged in, being enthusiastic about, or it does not become tangible. How can it materialize if it does not energize and or excite you. Not there yet? “Envision yourself already in possession of your goals and then work backward to the present,” page 84. He calls this outcome – based thinking, or result orientated. This is why it’s important to attract to yourself, and surround yourself, with like minded people, because who you surround yourself with and what you focus on you will ultimately become.

A Proverb highlights this in Proverbs 23:7 (NKJV)

For as he thinks in his heart, so is he. And James Allen  writes a book and his whole premise is on the power of thought and what you think on: refer to websites and also some books you can access directly from this site.

I’m aspiring to be a writer and speaker/facilitator my focus more in the area of Christian Spirituality, Inspirational, with a motivational emphasis. I love to journal, and express my thoughts in writing, I however didn’t do very well at school and left school with not having had a good experience. This has been a stumbling block for a number of years, but as time has passed and I have succeeded in getting my BA and MA, confidence has grown, and I have been discovering that the grace of God being sufficient.

It is a battle of the mind, and having read the first few chapters of Tommy Newberrys book, it gave me the stepping stones to set goals, he states that “success is the deliberate, measurable pursuit of prayerfully chosen goals.” I have given myself the goal to be a writer, and have been very much encouraged by Lacy Clark Ellman here is her site:   I stumbled across her and talked through Social Media, and her Blog, demonstrating the possibilities that I have been pondering over for years. Lacy shares through her blog the very areas of interest I have, done in a way that is clear and professional. She graciously, responded to my enquires, motivating me to start this Blog, giving advice of the company she uses to create her Blog.

The goal being put in place has resulted for me in that which Tommy Newberry addressed. “Writing down your goals helps you crystallize your thinking and gives you a physical device for focusing your attention. It stimulates your brain’s reticular activity system. which is the mechanism within your brain that controls your awareness. When you are more conscious of your goals, you will notice the people, resources, information, and opportunities that will help you achieving them.” pg69 Tommy Newbery.
I was attracted to an article from Weavings XXVII:1 The Lord is with you, By John Van De Laar, it resonated with me, a teenager was in trouble due to the possession of drugs, the author went to visit the boy expecting to see a streetwise hardened kid, but to his surprise found a gentle, afraid, lost soul, who had been “searching for meaning, but who had been looking in the wrong places and fallen in with the wrong crowd.” I resonated with this, as I have been this kid, aimless without a goal, not in the wrong crowd, but no crown at all, so not influenced. We all get off track at times, distracted looking in the wrong places, having a wrong focus, falling in with the wrong crowd for our vision and goals, and the desires of the Lord take second place in our lives. We wander aimlessly until we are brought back to our senses, or our Algorithm is fixed and reconfigured.

We have to constantly remind and encourage ourselves to be with people who can motivate you to not despise the day of small beginnings.

I have a platform from which to write, the more I do so, the better I hope to get at writing.

In life you can’t become a master at something immediately it takes time, practice, support, advice, and a lot of steps of faith. This faith is: “confidence that what we hope for will actually happen; it gives us assurance about things we cannot see.” Hebrews 11: 1

That which is inputed into your life, will result in the outcome, the quality of the input will result in the quality of the outcome.

All about the thinking and what we focus on, and “as we begin to renew our thinking, our world changes with us. As we become better, our lives become better. The prerequisite for changing circumstances is that you must first change yourself.” p34 Tommy Newberry.

Let us not limit ourselves, the only limitation is the limitation we place on ourself!

Accept that you have been custom-made by God to serve an exclusive function in this world, the role that God made you to fill. Tommy Newberry

“Our unique conglomeration of character, talents, life experience, and personality merge and spark a dream within each of us. The more often we engage in our strengths, the more crystallized our ultimate vision becomes.” pg 35 Tommy Newberry

Is the goal writing the algorithm for our mind, the mind is the super computer directing our life in the right direction, bringing to the surface the areas necessary to ultimately fulfill your God given role and purpose. We need to allow the vision to be in the forefront, the goal/vision before you, if we fail to do this will result in “Mediocrity [and] is best defined as failing to set goals for your life and neglecting to live the life God gave you.” pg 62 Tommy Newberry.


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